10 Kg (50 pieces) Oranges for juicing

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10 Kg (50 pieces) Oranges for juicing Expand

Fresh Oranges for juicing.


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Box of approximately 10 kgs of just-picked oranges for juicing. Our juicing oranges are of exactly the same quality in terms of flavour, colour, vitamins and minerals, as those for the table. The only difference is that they are a little smaller. Through the season we provide varieties that are perfectly ripened.

5 Kg = 12 portions = 20-25 piecesmandarinas.jpg7,5 Kg = 18 portions = 37 pieces




icono_naranja.pngVariety: Navelinaicono_peso.pngWeight: 10 Kgicono_unidad.pngPieces: 50 oranges 
icono_cubiertos.pngConsume: Juiceicono_gajo.pngTaste: Dulce, agradableicono_asterisco.pngOther: Without seeds


Quality Citrus Gorumet


icono_verde.pngMaximum durability, 10 times more than supermarketsicono_verde.png0% Chemical Treatment  after harvesting
icono_verde.png100% Naturalicono_verde.png100% From Valenicaicono_verde.pngQuality Control


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