We are a small family-run business started in 1985 in the Province of Valencia, dedicated exclusively and full-time to the cultivation of oranges and mandarins. Our great grandfather started to cultivate citrus fruit at the end of the 19th Century in the district of Oliva.


With experience gained through the years and as a result of hard work, dedication, training and our great passion for the business, we have gradually increased our area under cultivation. Currently we have farms in the Valencian districts of Oliva, Massamagrell, Pobla de Farnais, Montroy, Turís, and around Dénia Alicante. 


All our farms have their own special climate, soil and underground water sources, and we always try to cultivate those varieties of fruit that are best suited to each one. 

Only the appropriate climate, soil, and water, combined with knowledge handed down through generations and our total dedication, enables us to produce and offer oranges and mandarins of the highest quality - the juiciest fruits with flavour, scent, the correct balance of sugars and acids, and full of vitamins and minerals. A 100 % natural product that is not subject to any chemical treatment after picking or stored in cold rooms to conserve them, or subject to artificial degreening processes. So the day after they are picked, you have in your hands a fruit packed full of the minerals and vitamins that are so beneficial for health.


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